Secure Shopping


The user


  • Users areresponsible for the security of the account including the use of e-mail and passwords.
  • The use of any facilities provided by Craftown indicates that the users haveunderstood and agreed to all the rules imposed by Craftown.
  • As long as they are on the Craftown platform, usersare strictly prohibited from conveying any type of content that is misleading, or defamatory, contains or intersects with SARA elements, discriminating, and/or harming other parties.
  • Users are not allowed to use Craftown to violate the rules set by law in Indonesia and in other countries.
  • Users areresponsible for all risks that arise in the future for the information they give to
  • Users are not allowed to send spam e-mails by referring to any part of Craftown.
  • Craftown has the right to block the use of the system against users who violate the laws and regulations that apply in the territory of Indonesia.
  • Users will get a variety of the latest promo information and exclusive offers. However, users can unsubscribe if they do not want to receive this information.
  • Users are prohibited from using the Craftown logo in their profile photo (avatar).
  • Users are prohibited from using harsh words whenusing message or chat feature or discussion column.
  • Users are prohibited from creating a Craftown account with the aim of avoiding restrictions on purchases, misuse of vouchers, or the consequences of other Craftown Rules of Use policies.
  • Users are prohibited from copying, modifying, imitatingor distributing content or publishing views original from Craftown that can violate Craftown Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Users hereby declare that users haveknown all the laws and regulations that apply in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia in every transaction in Craftown, and will not carry out any actions that violate the laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia.




  • The customersmust transfer based on the total nominal of the transaction within 1 × 24 hours (assuming the customers have understood the information of the items they have ordered). If within 1 × 24 hours the items have been ordered but the customers do not transfer the money, then the transaction will be canceled automatically.
  • Every transaction in Craftownthat uses the bank transfer method will incur operational costs in the form of a unique payment code that is borne by the customer.
  • The customer cannot cancel the transaction after completing the payment.
  • Craftown will send the items and register the correct and original shipping receipt number after the “Paid” transaction status. One receipt number only applies to one transaction number in Craftown.
  • Craftownwill send a confirmation e-mail to the customers about the amount of payment that must be paid, either through bank transfers or other electronic transactions.
  • Craftown will send a confirmation e-mail if the payment has been received by Craftown (maximum 24 hours after payment is made by the customer).
  • Craftown will send e-mail informationabout the items that have been sent through logistics shipping services chosen by Craftown and the shipping receipt numbers.
  • Returns are only allowed if an error is made by Craftown and the itemis not as in the description.