Special Region of Jogja, the title given to Jogja region indicates that Jogja has a regional government system that is different from other regions in Indonesia. But not for those who love Jogja, the word ‘special’ itself has a different meaning for them. There are many special things here, especially its legacy.

The language, the unique culinary, the buildings, and many other things in Jogja are Jogja’s Legacy which continues to survive and successfully becomes its own strength.

Jogja’s Legacy is one thing that makes Jogja special, it is believed as the identity of Jogja. No wonder that many visitors admit that Jogja has a special place in their hearts. This becomes one of the reasons why we as people who love Jogja should preserve and protect Jogja’s Legacy.

This also made Craftown, as a craftsman of souvenirs about Special Region of Jogja, adopt the word ‘Legacy’ as our tagline, as our enthusiasm. Craftown, Jogja’s Legacy, is expected to be a milestone in spirit for Craftown to be one of Jogja’s Identities.

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