Javanese beer is a special drink from Yogyakarta which is a favorite drink of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII and the extended family of Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace. This drink is created by the Yogyakarta Palace and is a beer without alcohol.

In 1920, Javanese Beer began to be known and popularized by Sultan HB VIII to treat and honor guests from the Netherlands.

Because the original beer that popularized by the Dutch army is warming and intoxicated, Sultan HB VIII took the initiative to make his own version of beer that could warm the body without intoxicating.

Javanese beer mixed with spices is good for warming the body and can be served cold or warm. The warm, sour, and fresh taste of Javanese Beer is produced from a mixture of spices namely lemongrass, secang bark, cinnamon, cardamom, lime, cloves, and ginger.

Called Java Beer because it has a yellow color that resembles the color of beer in general. The beer’s yellow color is produced from the juice of lime juice which makes the red color of the Wedang Secang into a yellow beer color.

When the Jogja Palace had political relations with the Dutch East Indies Government, Javanese Beer became an irreplaceable treat. The Dutch East Indies politics entered while the Kraton was an Islamic kingdom. The Sultan still wanted to appreciate the guests from the Netherlands, so he made a recipe that resembled the original beer. Non-alcoholic but still warming drink

Javanese beer is very popular drink among the royal family of the Yogyakarta Palace until today. Javanese beer is suitable for all ages from children to adults. The spice content is good for warming the body, and can be served cold or warm.

The distinctive aroma of ginger mixed with various spices makes Javanese beer truly refreshing. Javanese beer is suitable in all conditions.

Javanese Beer is suitable to be consumed in hot and cold conditions to refresh the body in the hot day, also in the cold night, it can warm the body and is believed to eliminate colds, fatigue, and dizziness.

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