Yogyakarta has had Andong since the reign of Sultan HB VII, it means that Andong has existed since 1877.

When the reign of HB VII, Andong, was originally a means of transportation by the noble people while ordinary people were not allowed to use Andong. They can only use cattle or ‘Dokar’. When time came for reign of HB VII, Andong was already used as a means of transportation for other people, even though it was still limitedly used by traders.

At that time, the place for making Andong and the maker of it (Pande) used to be only in Semarang, Middle Java. Because of that, Andong was a relatively expensive means of transportation.

Andong is different from Delman, it has only two or three wheels at the back so its seat only fits for two passengers.

Andong is modified into four wheels, which two small wheels at the front are usually called ‘Rodha Ngajeng’ or it means Front Wheels, and two bigger wheels at the back, so that the balance is more stable and it can fit more people, two front passengers facing backward, two back passengers facing forward. There is also ‘Senthir’, on both sides of seat used for lighting. And the control wheel is attached to the horse in order to be stable.

Andong has been modified over a period of time until now, so that it still becomes one of the inherent Jogja’s Legacies.

Andong coachmen were descended from the cart palace charioteer who inherit their expertise to their son back then. Andong coachman was a profession since long time ago, because this kind of occupation was not easy, he had to be able to take care of the horses and the most important thing was to love horses and horse carts.

The Yogyakarta Andong coachmen who are still active are mostly horse enthusiasts since they were children, so they usually decided on their own in choosing this profession, no other encouragement needed.

Andong experienced a shift in function, which was originally one of a public transportation, now it is a tourist attraction as one of the Jogja’s Legacies.

Along with the rapid development of transportation technology, Andong still existed. In fact there are still many people who feel “take an Andong riding is a MUST if we go to Jogja”.

It also shows that Andong is one of the Jogja’s Legacies that we must always preserve.

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