Jogja's Legacy

Craftown is a brand that concentrates on preserving the Jogja legacy. Craftown introduces Jogja legacy to the wider community, especially tourists through Craftown products. Craftown adopted Jogja legacy which became Jogja’s identity in the form of merchandise as a form of preserving Jogja legacy.



Yogyakarta or as it is named as Special Region of Yogyakarta is indeed special for many people — also well-known as a romantic city that offers you a modesty, hospitality, yet it has its own modernity. You can easily fall in love with the people, culture, food, and its various natural resources. By its role as a ‘collegian city’ with a very affordable living cost also gives a plus point from this city. There’s no wonder that many people admit that they have some unforgettable life experiences here so it deserves being a ‘home’ to go for thousands people from all over Indonesia who have studied in Yogyakarta.

"Yogyakarta is Home"

Yogyakarta always have a place in my hear. In this year, I've been going to Yogya till 5-6 times, which is already like the third home after my home in Surabaya and my office


Editor in Chief of Tabloid KOKI Plus

"Best city to Live"

Jogja is comfortable, calming, simple, soothing, the people there are calm, relaxing, and also prices in Jogja are affordable

Karina Saraswati

Flight Attendant

"The Locals Love Their Culture"

I found some majestic views in Yogyakarta. I like how the government and the locals conserve their own culture here

Zaki Kurniansyah

General Manager Marketing i-News


Special Region of Yogyakarta is one of cities in the world that still applies royal system in its government. Some may ask how is it possible there is a region with monarchical system inside the democratic country, Indonesian government.
For your information, government of Special Region of Yogyakarta implements a system of cultural monarchy which means it is not a pure or political monarchy, so the difference is only in the election of the governor. The Sultan who became king in the Sultanate of Yogyakarta was a hereditary claim from the palace and not because of his power ambitions. The position of the Sultan is still in line with the position of governor in general.This makes the city of Yogyakarta ‘special’ compared to other cities in Indonesia. In addition, the city retains the authenticity of the Javanese philosophical structure without changing the function and meaning of the building. As one of the cities with world heritage, Yogyakarta successfully makes foreign tourists consider this city as one of the favorite destinations when visiting Indonesia.


By considering the cultural side of Yogyakarta, Craftown wants to introduce Yogyakarta culture to the world by packaging it in the form of merchandise that is useful for your daily needs. We also invite you to take a part in cultural preservation especially in the city of Yogyakarta by donating some of the proceeds of the purchase for donation purposes